MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2018
Prisma: how it all started
Today sees the second anniversary of our putting Prisma in the AppStore! It is no exaggeration to say that these have been the best 2 years of my life. During that time, we have experienced almost everything you can see in the Silicon Valley series. I would like to remind you of how it all started :)
In just one month, we slowly started to make headway overseas. The coolest media began writing about us. One of them even "crashed" for some time because everyone who wanted to read about this mysterious app which transformed photos into paintings was visiting its site. Surprisingly, just a single article about us brought them two weeks' worth of traffic!

Before introducing the Android version, I just sent a beta version to several guys in India and went to bed. The following day, we could see that the beta version was being used by almost 1 million people! Someone uploaded the apk and people started downloading despite a huge amount of fakes!

Having uploaded the Android version to GP, we realized that we had to learn to edit photos offline because it was extremely expensive to run such traffic through our servers. Moreover, millions of new users were appearing every day. Here I'd like to stress that during these 2 years we hadn't spent a single dollar on marketing or PR. All our growth was quite natural. Even the article in The New York Times under the headline "STEP aside, Instagram. There's a newer, smarter photo app taking social media by storm: Prisma" wasn't our idea :)

Medvedev (the Prime Minister of Russia) posted a photo edited in Prisma on his Instagram, and we realized that everybody in Russia was using our app. It was time to move on...
The man in the background must know something!
We finally made Prisma work offline, introducing neuronets into smartphones (among the first ones in the world), optimizing the expenses on servers and equalizing the customers' experience in all countries regardless of the Internet quality there.

In 2016 Apple selected Prisma as the best app of the year (the first time an app from Russia had been given that award), and a short while later Google made the same choice (also selecting a Russian project as the best one). By the way, it was the first time that Google and Apple had shared an opinion! By that time, we had become the most downloaded app in 78 countries throughout the world! Our app was even used by top US officials, not to mention various film stars and music celebrities.
In 2017 we changed our focus to B2B and started offering cool AI technologies for companies. They included segmentation, hand tracking, eye tracking, face recognition, recognition of various objects, and synchronization with AR.

So far, Prisma has over 25 employees, 120 million downloads and awesome AI technologies.

I wish I could write more, but I'm afraid you'd have to spend several hours reading it, so I'm going to finish at this point :)

It was an unforgettable experience, which still gives me butterflies in the stomach. Happy Birthday, Prisma! But I have to move on! I am no longer CMO of Prisma Labs. That stage in my life has now come to an end. My thanks to everyone who has been there during both of these hard, but extremely enjoyable years!

Fast company lists Prisma among the world's most innovative companies.
We came to Sochi to celebrate our company party by bungee jumping from a height of 207 meters! This didn't scare even our beautiful girlfriends and wives!
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